Nano kids eyeglasses


Isn’t it a common scenario where we hear parents complaining about children breaking their costly specs frequently? Maybe, you were faced with such a problem yourself! Could there be a brand producing optical frames for kids that are unbreakable, trendy and affordable too? An answer to that would be Nanovista kids optical frames. Nanovista is a Spanish pioneer in designing and material research for optical frames. With patented ‘SiliFlex’ material and ‘S2 Hinge’ design, a Nanovista frame is

  • Unbreakable - Can fall from unbelievable heights and still not break.

  • Built to last - No color depletion will occur at any point in the future

  • Adaptable - Comes with a strap-on headband so kids can play without fear of it falling off!

  • Trendy - Unique colors and designs which kids today would be happy with.

  • Adjustable - Temples can be manually adjusted for tailor made comfort.

There is also the additional ‘Curving Rubber’ technology in the ‘New School’ series of Nanovista Kids eyewear which features a curved temple that will automatically adjust itself to offer the right fit! Get in touch with us to know more features and product details.

Nanovista Video